Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air - King Air King

2016 Basel replica watch and clocks show, Rolex released a new ceramic ring steel Dietong is popular, but the introduction of the new replica rolex watches is completely beyond everyone unexpected. Black surface 369 plus every 5 points of the digital scale, watch diameter 40mm, into a typical flight watch appearance. swiss rolex's "Air-King Air King" is part of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual series of the most basic entry models, only the most basic of the three-pin, no calendar window, the price is also the most approachable. It was once the history of Rolex's oldest watch, the earliest dates back to the 1950s. Since then, Rolex Oyster has been playing an important role in the airline's entrepreneurial period; it was accompanied by the first flight across Mount Everest; a year later, from London to Melbourne, a record return flight also flashed Its shadow. However, with the evolution of the times, Air-King air over the watch 34 mm size to judge the modern look is too small, and Explorer explorers positioning quite close. So in 2014, Rolex began to Oyster Perpetual Oyster-style constant face picture to replace the new entry series, remove the Air-King logo, people think Air-King Air King series has officially entered the history of the. 2016 New 40mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King Air King 116900 is to pay tribute to the revolutionary era of aviation. The new watch still has a clean dial and excellent readability. But unusual is: the new air force 116900 has a soft iron inner shell, which has the same magnetic properties as MILGAUSS. There is no doubt that this is a typical pilot watch: clear and easy to read, a sense of movement and from the aircraft cockpit strong electromagnetic environment interference. Now 40mm in diameter, bigger than ever before. Previously, Rolex AirKing very small 34 mm, a few years ago I almost always recommend to the girls wearing entry-level choice, feeling more than the classic Oyster constant movement more exercise. In addition to the larger watch diameter, the case style is the same as the oyster constant motion 39, the same smooth bezel, side case polishing, positive plane drawing, satin strap. Solid bottom cover and screw-in crown to ensure that the new AirKing116900 with 100 meters waterproof function. 116900 dial is clearly different from the common Rolex watch, at first glance, quite strange: its scale is characterized by a large number of hours and minutes of digital combination, and the outer edge of the dial track combined. Platinum polished hours 3/6/9 mark can be found in the Explorer (I have some malicious guess the old probe was 369 times the standard inventory too much, so to consume, rather than the new Explorer with luminous 369 time scale). White minute mark against the black dial - this is the typical style of the pilots watch in the 1940s. 116900 to create a military watch and Explorer mix and match style. Satin black dial decorated with a variety of interesting details, such as 12 o'clock position of the white crown under the yellow crown. And then the following, green Rolex name with white "Oyster Perpetual" words. The bottom of the dial, printed with oblique grass "Air-King" words (font reminiscent of the history of the first Air King's dial words, which is typical of the tribute to the history of the trough), of course, "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified "The official certification of the highest level of the Observatory, which is proof of the Rolex test procedure. All previous Rolex watches are equipped with COSC certification, and now Rolex watches through a more accurate and strict certification - the daily error of -2 / +2 seconds. Hour hand for the Mercedes-Benz needle style, the central second hand for the green lollipop style. Air-King Air King 116900 equipped with a 3131 self-winding movement. With Explorer movement is basically the same, work in 28.800vph, with 48 hours power reserve. In addition to soft iron inner shell, 3131 movement is also equipped with blue anti-magnetic Parachrom gossamer. But the 116900 movement than the new 39 mm Explorer movement lacks the Paraflex shock. Rolex Air-King Air King 116900 solid stainless steel strap and Oyster clasp and Rolex new Explorer exactly the same, but the price is cheaper, for the 5700 euros, Explorer priced at 6000 euros, compared to the same magnetic performance MILGUASS cheap 20 %, Which makes it a truly cost-effective Rolex new entry watch.