39 mm Rolex Oyster constant movement watch

In 2014, rolex replica uk launched three 36 mm color faceplate Oyster Perpetual watch, stunning one, but its size is too small for women, probably heard the voice of consumers, 2015, uk replica watches then launched the same color face plate The 39mm Oyster Perpetual Watch 114300. This is once and for all Watch enthusiasts always assume that only buy a replica watches under the premise of what kind of watch should be selected. I think for most people, the complex functions should be removed from your target list, life can be no long power, you can not die, you can not time, you only need the most simple time function, everything else is Superfluous. But this watch must be able to accompany you up the mountain, the style timeless, worn on the wrist 50 years are too late. This standard is not easy to achieve, but the 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch 114300 just meets all the standards. 39 mm Rolex Oyster Perfume Watch 114300 dial The new Oyster Perpetual Oyster Perpetual watch is the most eye-catching dial, three different colors of the sun pattern dial. Deep rhodium gray dial is the most conservative and most popular, and red wine color and blue face plate is more bold, more young choice. Rolex's new faceplate is impressive, though simple but does not make people feel monotonous. In fact, this pure color of the dial and watch integration - it is likely to be its biggest advantage. No date window or date magnifier to interfere with sight. Hour and minute hand is a simple bar-shaped, three-dimensional gold time scale is the same consistent thin strip, no distress and ensure readability. Only the needle and three six nine when the standard filled with luminous material --- this is not a diving watch after all. Of course, the face plate can be less Rolex small crown, but we are more interested in the new color hour mark. The Swiss giants are really uncharacteristically, the design of the playful contrast of the color point. Rhodium gray dial with bright blue fine, red wine color plate with orange bright spots, and blue face plate with a green point. This 12 color points, with a wonderful reflection of the antique tread plate combined, to this time only show the function of the watch to add a lot of fun. Oyster case Rolex first introduced in 1926 the world's first waterproof watch, the oyster-style case is legendary. Today, many people think that the watch is not a 500 meters waterproof capacity to dare not wear water to swim, but Rolex that Oyster case 100 meters waterproof performance to cope with daily leisure swim, it is more than enough. At the same time, the aesthetic point of view, it is located in the elegant and rugged sports style between the perfect area, with the eternal style, which means that it will never out of date. Case shape and structure is not much new, but the size is new. Oyster-style constant-action watches before only 34 mm and 36 mm, although the size of men and women to kill, but not enough masculine, now the first time to provide a 39 mm masculine size. Bracelet Good things in pairs, Oyster-style case always with Oyster bracelet is considered perfect. Comfortable 904L stainless steel bracelet (70400) are all drawing processing, with the mirror polished bezel to form a strong contrast, decades of continuous improvement, has been very perfect (to be honest, five beads with a more comfortable but more expensive price). Movement 39 mm Rooster Oyster Perfume Watch 114300 is launched in 2015, equipped with a mature technology 3132 movement, is 3135 removed the calendar function, through the COSC certification, equipped with Rolex Parachrom Blue niobium gossamer, Paraflex cushioning Protection system, gold screw adjustment wheel and other advanced technology, 31 drill, with 48 hours power reserve, there are stop seconds function, which means that you can set the time to accurate seconds. 3132 is certainly not the most sophisticated movement of Rolex, but certainly for the entry section is very appropriate. According to Rolex's tone, 3255 on the new technology to promote the basic entry Oyster watch had a couple of years later, when it should be a new 3232 movement, and should have 70 hours of energy reserves! Get started Clear personality and long-lasting spread is a contradiction. Many people do not like so out of the color, feel not serious enough, I think the concept of the progress, after all, more and more open modern society, men are less and less wearing three-piece suit, these three new colors, So that the overall dress a lot of vivid, and its shape and remind you that this is a continuation of the 80 years of classic design. 39 mm Rooster Oyster Perpetual watch 114300 priced at 5400 Swiss francs, converted about 36,000 yuan, engage in discounts, then 30,000 can begin, believe in simple men can choose this 114300 wear, simple and practical function , Design close to perfect, if you can only have a watch forever, choose it right; for me more hope to look forward to the future carrying 3232 movement 39 mm Oyster constant movement watch.