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Mrs Nesti
5 star review
easy process
the whole process took around half an hour. we were pleased with the offer for the car and the money was immediately transferred into our bank account. your company was recommended to us and i would have no hesitation in recommending to friends and family. thankyou for a smooth process.

Olivia Farrelly
5 star review
Fair and great service! Less than the quote but that’s to be expected.
Simon turned up on time and was an extremely nice guy – I felt at ease straight away! He checked out the car/engine, took pictures and we went for a little spin round the block. He explained what he was doing throughout the meeting so I felt like he was honest with me. Yes I was offered less than the quote (people need to realise that that’s to be expected – if you want the best price then sell privately!!) as the car does have some wear and tear but in the end I walked away happy with the money in my account before he left. I was in no rush to sell but felt it was the easiest option for me so I can’t say I was disappointed! Nice guy and respectable company in my opinion!

Benjamin Kelsey

5 star review
Easy, quick and smooth transaction!
I was happy with the service that I received, they were really helpful and polite and I sold my car in a matter of half an hour. I did receive a slightly lower price than market value but it was worth it, as I was able to sell my car quickly. They stick around to make sure the bank transfer goes through smoothly. They were very genuine and reassuring so I would recommend the service for anyone looking for a quick sale.

Claire Capewell

5 star review
Very good fast and friendly service, highly recommended
Wanted to sell my car quickly, as my new car was being delivered but didn’t want the hassle of my old car being left on the driveway for months waiting for a private buyer to purchase it. came and made me a decent and fair offer for my old car without any pressure or obligation. The paperwork and payment was done within an hour and the car picked up 2 days later.
Would highly recommend to friends and family.

Emma Pearce
4 star review
Nice people. No faffing. Straight to the point and very reasonable.

Kevin Privett
5 star review
A very professional service, well organised and without any pressure to sell.
Phoned on Thursday and got an appointment for a visit on Saturday morning. The representative (Michael) arrived on time and was very courteous. He reviewed the car, we went for a test drive and he reported back to head office and a final valuation offered. All done via an iPad. I was disappointed that the offer was quite a bit less than the one made online by the computer, but we agreed a figure and it was transferred to my bank account. Funds were seen to be in the account via my own internet banking login and thgat was it. Painless.