Q. How long is your valuation valid for?

A. Valuation offers are valid for a period of 5 days.

Q. Do you buy vehicles without the V5C document?

A. In certain cases we will buy vehicles that do not have a v5 registration document (log book) subject to other relevent checks such as a hpi check etc. Each purchase will be looked at indiviually. Payment may be withheld until we have all documentation and equipment that is satisfactory to the vehicle we are buying.

Q. What methods of payment do you use?

A. Payment for vehicles to the seller is by secure instant bank transfer.

Q. Do you come to me or do I come to you?

A. When you accept our offer one of our vehicle purchasers will come to your home or workplace, whichever is more convenient for you to buy your vehicle.

Q. Can I tell you about any faults to my car before I get my valuation?

A. Although there isn’t an option to list any faults to your car on the website, a fair inspection is carried out by our Vehicle Purchaser when they come to see your car. If any defects are found, the original offer will be revised and explained to you. You are under no obligation to accept our offer. However, if you’d like to speak to someone in our office about the condition of your vehicle before we come to see you, we are always happy to take your call  You can call our customer services on 0151 666 9980 with any queries. We are open 7 days a week.

Q. Can I keep my private number plate when I  sell my car?

A. Yes you can. You need to contact the DVLA to transfer your car back to it’s original number plate. They will need your V5C document and this can take several weeks. Please start the process of changing your number plate before you ask us for a valuation, as you will need your V5C document returned from the DVLA in order for us to buy your car.

Q. Can you value my car for free?

Yes. If you’re considering selling your car it’s only natural that you’ll want the vehicle valued first so you know how much you will receive in payment for your car. We offer our customers a fast, free car valuation in order to maintain transparency throughout the transaction, and to give you time to consider your options of getting a quick sale.

Q. Will you give a free valuation for my car even if it is not in great condition?

Yes. We specialise in buying cars of all makes, models and conditions. It is our aim to provide an expert valuation on all kinds of vehicles before we buy them. You are not obligated to sell your car to us even when you receive a valuation. Above all, we want our customers to get a fair deal. This is why you won’t experience haggling when you deal with us. We will offer a fair price on any vehicle from the very start.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Call our friendly customer service department on 0151 666 9980, they will be happy to help.


We have vehicle buyers throughout mainland UK

We have vehicle buyers throughout mainland UK